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The Decline of America

A dangerous cancer is spreading throughout America. Our freedoms and liberties are being chipped away in a never-ending assault from the left. The left and their allies are hell-bent on destroying this country. The allies of the left are Communists, seeking to overthrow our political system and rewrite America into the dystopian world envisioned by George Orwell in 1984. Communism is an ideology that has never been implemented for the success of the masses. It only serves the ruling elite while crushing entrepreneurship and individuality under the boot of tyranny. Communism and its zealots have caused the death of more people than any other political system in history. More people have been enslaved under the guise of communism than under any other political system. America is under attack. We strive to illustrate the rise of communism in the United States from its early inception to our present precarious place.

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